Garden Buildings

If you’ve been working from home and need your own office, or you want your own private gym, a garden building could be the ideal solution. Whatever your personal requirements may be, our team will work closely with you throughout the design and installation process to ensure they are met. We will also ensure that your garden room enhances the surrounding area, as our sleek designs will fit seamlessly into your existing space.

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Bespoke Garden Rooms & Home Offices

Look no further than our local company for bespoke garden rooms and home offices. Our designs come with a range of standard features that include:

Solar Power

This 2kw off-grid power system with roof-mounted panels provides up to 4,000 watt hours per day during winter, 8,000 watt hours during spring/autumn and 14,000 watt hours during summer. The batteries provide 7,920 watt hours backup to run your appliances during the night.


Our natural fibre hemp insulation is semi-rigid and eco-friendly, offering excellent thermal performance.

Composite Cladding

This cladding combines the traditional appearance of timber with the durability and resilience of composite, providing an immensely versatile building material.

Fraké Noir Cladding

Fraké Noir is a thermally modified Limba hardwood. The heat treatment process significantly improves this non-durable timber species’ performance.

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